Tapestries and wallpapers

Tapestries and wallpapers appear to be an excellent alternative to the classic painting of your interiors to give a new life and a new look to your home.

Besides the classic solution of covering the entire premises, there is the option to play with the wallpaper on a single wall to emphasize a particular decorative element of your home such as an arch, a niche, etc.

The wallpapers are also able to enhance a particular furnishing, as a technique of partial decoration: applies then the upholstery behind the head of the bed or sofa, or to define an area of ​​a room.

A pleasing result is then obtained by framing shelves, making the edges of wallpaper above the skirting board or around the perimeter close to the ceiling. The possibility of coordinating wall coverings and soft furnishings, finally, expanding the scope and achieves pleasing combinations.